Marie Callender Chicken Pot Pie Air Fryer

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Marie Callender Chicken Pot Pie Air Fryer

Cooking Marie Callender Chicken Pot Pie in the air fryer has simplified my dinner routine beautifully. It comes out perfectly crispy on the outside with a warm, savory center. Trust me, it’s an easy win for a cozy meal at home.

When I pop a Marie Callender’s Chicken Pot Pie into my air fryer, the magic happens. This method offers the ultimate convenience, turning out a pot pie with a crispy crust and a deliciously warm filling in no time. The air fryer not only cooks it faster but also enhances the texture and taste, making every bite a delight.

Why Choose Air Fryer for Marie Callender Chicken Pot Pie

If you’re looking for the best air fryer chicken pot pie recipe, you’ve just found it—this one delivers on flavor and crispiness every single time. Cooking Marie Callender’s Chicken Pot Pie in an air fryer is a total game changer. It comes out perfectly crispy on the outside and piping hot inside. Here’s why you’ll love using the air fryer:

  • Cooks Faster: You save time compared to using a traditional oven.
  • Crispier Crust: The air fryer ensures a golden, crispy crust every time.
  • Even Cooking: Hot air circulation cooks the pie evenly, avoiding soggy bottoms.
  • Convenience: It’s straightforward, with no preheating required and less cleanup afterward.
  • Keeps the Filling Juicy: The filling stays moist and flavorful, contrasting beautifully with the crust.
  • Energy Efficient: Using an air fryer can be more energy-efficient than heating up a conventional oven for just one pie.

The air fryer’s ability to cook faster and more evenly, coupled with its energy efficiency, makes it ideal for Marie Callender’s Chicken Pot Pie.

Air-Fried Marie Callender Chicken Pot Pie

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Essential Ingredients and Equipment

  • Marie Callender’s Chicken Pot Pie: The star of the show. No additional ingredients needed.
  • Air Fryer: The only equipment required for this recipe.
Marie Callender Chicken Pot Pie
Photo: Marie Callender Chicken Pot Pie

Suggestions for Ingredient Substitutions

  • Vegetarian Pot Pie: Opt for a veggie version if you prefer a meat-free meal.
  • Gluten-Free Pot Pie: Look for gluten-free options if you’re avoiding gluten.

With just the pot pie and an air fryer, you’re set for a delicious meal. These simple substitutions ensure everyone can enjoy this comfort food classic, tailored to their dietary needs.

How to Cook Marie Callender Chicken Pot Pie in Air Fryer

Cooking a pot pie in the air fryer is a breeze once you get the hang of it. Let’s dive into how to do it right, from start to finish.

Preparing Your Pot Pie for Air Frying:

Preparing frozen pot pie for the air fryer starts with taking the pie straight from the freezer.

Cooking from frozen is actually ideal because it helps maintain the pie’s structure, ensuring that the filling heats up evenly while the crust gets crispy.

When you’re preparing frozen pot pie, there’s no need for no thaw cooking. Just remove the outer packaging.

However, if your pie comes with a foil tray, check if it’s air fryer safe. Some pies can be cooked in their tray, which can help catch any drips and keep your air fryer clean.

This step in packaging removal while keeping certain protections is crucial for a mess-free cooking experience.

Marie Callender Chicken Pot Pie in the Air Fryer Basket

Preheating and Cooking Times (Air Frying Settings):

Air fryer preheating is a step you shouldn’t skip. Preheating helps the pie start cooking at the right temperature, ensuring the crust gets that golden color and crisp texture. For the optimal cooking temperature, set your air fryer to 360°F (182°C).

The cooking duration for pot pie typically ranges from 25 to 30 minutes. But keep an eye on it the first time you try this out. Depending on your air fryer model, you might need to adjust the time slightly.

Post-Cooking Handling:

Once the timer dings, it’s tempting to dive right in. But safely removing pot pie from the air fryer is key. Use oven mitts or tongs, as the pie and the air fryer basket will be hot.

Cooking Marie Callender Chicken Pot Pie in Air Fryer

After letting pot pie cool for a few minutes, you’ll not only avoid burning your mouth but also find the crust stays crispier. This brief wait is well worth it for the perfect crispy crust achievement.

This straightforward approach takes the guesswork out of making a delicious air-fried pot pie. It’s all about the simple steps: preparing, cooking, and enjoying with a bit of patience for cooling. Trust me, once you try it, you’ll see why this method is my go-to for a quick and satisfying meal.

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Tips for Perfect Air-Fried Marie Callender Chicken Pot Pies

Ensuring your Marie Callender’s Chicken Pot Pie comes out perfectly from the air fryer involves a few key steps. Here’s how to get that perfect air-fried pot pie every time:

  • Do Not Thaw: Keep the pot pie frozen until you’re ready to cook. Thawing changes the moisture content and can affect the cooking time and texture.
  • Temperature Checks: Preheat your air fryer to 360°F for best results. A consistent temperature ensures the pie heats through evenly.
  • Achieving a Flaky Crust: Lightly brush the top of the pie with a bit of oil or melted butter. This helps the crust achieve that desirable golden, flaky finish.
  • Internal Temperature Check: Use a food thermometer to ensure the filling has reached 165°F. This confirms the pie is cooked safely and thoroughly.
  • Post-Cooking Handling: Let the pie rest for a few minutes after cooking. This allows the filling to settle, making it easier to cut and serve without making a mess.

Key Considerations for the Best Outcome

  • Use a Thermometer: An internal temperature check is crucial. Not only does it ensure food safety, but it also guarantees your pie is perfectly cooked inside.
  • Handling Post-Cooking: Careful post-cooking handling is important. Use oven mitts to remove the pie and allow it to cool on a wire rack for a few minutes for the best texture.
  • Optimal Cooking Tips: Don’t overcrowd the air fryer. Good air circulation is key to an evenly cooked and crispy crust.

Serving Suggestions

Pairing your air-fried pot pie with the right side dishes can turn a simple meal into a feast. Here are some side dish ideas that complement the rich, savory flavors of the pot pie:

  • Salad Pairings: A fresh green salad with a light vinaigrette balances the richness of the pot pie. Consider mixed greens, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, and a sprinkle of feta cheese.
  • Roasted Vegetables: Roasted vegetables like carrots, Brussels sprouts, or asparagus add a healthy and colorful side to your meal. Their natural sweetness and slight char are a perfect match for the creamy pot pie.

Choosing the right sides can improve your pot pie from a simple dish to a well-rounded meal, adding both nutrition and variety to your dining experience.

Air Fry Marie Callender Chicken Pot Pie

Review Of Marie Callender Chicken Pot Pie

Cooking Marie Callender Chicken Pot Pie in an air fryer has been a game changer for me. It’s straightforward and gets a lot of love for how well it turns out. Here’s why the air fryer method stands out:

  • Taste: The flavors are richer. It feels like everything melds together better.
  • Texture: The crust gets super crispy, while the inside stays tender.
  • Preparation: It’s much faster. I just put the pie in the air fryer, no thawing needed.
  • Versatility: I’ve found I can tweak the cooking times for different outcomes.
  • Quality: The pot pie comes out looking and tasting like it was professionally made.
  • Value: Given the reduced cooking time and energy, it saves money in the long run.

The air fryer advantages really shine with this recipe, making it a healthier cooking option due to less oil needed and cooking efficiency that’s hard to beat.

FAQs about Marie Callender Chicken Pot Pie Air Fryer

Is Chicken Pot Pie Healthy?

Chicken pot pie can be part of a balanced diet when eaten in moderation, as it contains protein and vegetables but also is high in calories and fat.

What to Serve with Chicken Pot Pie?

A light salad or steamed green vegetables complement chicken pot pie well, balancing the richness of the pie with fresh, crisp flavors.

How to Reheat Chicken Pot Pie in an Air Fryer?

To reheat chicken pot pie in an air fryer, set it to 350°F and heat for about 8-10 minutes or until thoroughly warmed through, checking to avoid overheating.

Final Thoughts

To wrap up, using an air fryer for Marie Callender’s Chicken Pot Pie makes a lot of sense. It’s easy, quick, and the results are consistently good.

I’d love to hear if anyone else has tried this or has any tips and questions.

Experimenting with your meals can bring out some delicious surprises, so don’t be shy to share your pot pie stories.

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Marie Callender Chicken Pot Pie Air Fryer

Marie Callender Chicken Pot Pie Air Fryer


In my kitchen, using the air fryer for Marie Callender’s Chicken Pot Pie has been a real eye-opener. It turns out wonderfully crispy every time, with that hearty, comforting filling we all love. It’s straightforward and delivers delicious results.


  • 1 Frozen Marie Callender Chicken Pot Pie

Marie Callender Chicken Pot Pie


1. Preheat the Air Fryer: Begin by preheating your air fryer to 360°F (182°C). Although not all models require preheating, doing so ensures your pot pie cooks evenly from the start.

2. Prepare the Pot Pie: Remove the Marie Callender’s Chicken Pot Pie from its box. You don’t need to thaw it; air fryers excel at cooking frozen foods. However, slit the top crust to allow steam to escape and prevent the pie from becoming soggy.

3. Position in the Air Fryer: Place the pot pie in the air fryer basket. Ensure it’s centered and not touching the sides. This setup promotes optimal air circulation, allowing for even cooking and a crispy crust.

Marie Callender Chicken Pot Pie in the Air Fryer Basket


4. Cooking Time and Temperature: Cook the pot pie at 360°F (182°C) for about 25 to 30 minutes. The exact time might vary depending on your air fryer model and the size of the pot pie. Start checking around the 20-minute mark to gauge how much more time it might need.

Cooking Marie Callender Chicken Pot Pie in Air Fryer


5. Check for Doneness: The pot pie is ready when the crust is golden brown and crispy, and the filling is visibly bubbling through the slits. An instant-read thermometer inserted into the center of the pie should read at least 165°F (74°C), indicating it’s fully cooked.

6. Let It Cool: Once done, carefully remove the pot pie from the air fryer and let it sit for a couple of minutes. This brief resting period allows the filling to set, making it easier to serve without spilling.

7. Serving: Transfer the pot pie to a plate and enjoy. A simple side salad or steamed vegetables pairs well with the rich, savory flavors of the pie.

Marie Callender Chicken Pot Pie Air Fryer


  • Air Fryer Size: Make sure your air fryer is large enough to accommodate the pot pie without overcrowding. This ensures the hot air circulates freely, cooking the pie evenly.
  • Adjusting Cook Time: Air fryer models vary in how they heat, so the first time you make a pot pie, keep a close eye on it. You might need to adjust the cooking time slightly.
  • Safety First: Use oven mitts or tongs when removing the pot pie from the air fryer, as it will be very hot.
  • No Need for Oil: Unlike other air fryer recipes, you don’t need to add oil to the pot pie. It’s designed to bake perfectly without additional fat.
  • Prep Time: 0 minutes (No preparation needed as you’re using a frozen product)
  • Cook Time: 25-30 minutes
  • Category: Main Course
  • Method: Air Frying
  • Cuisine: American


  • Serving Size: 1 pot pie
  • Calories: 640-720 calories per pie
  • Sugar: 2-5 grams
  • Sodium: 800-1400 mg
  • Fat: 30-40 grams
  • Saturated Fat: 10-20 grams
  • Trans Fat: 0 grams
  • Carbohydrates: 60-80 grams
  • Fiber: 3-5 grams
  • Protein: 15-25 grams
  • Cholesterol: 30-50 mg

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