Totino’s Pizza Rolls in Air Fryer

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Totino's Pizza Rolls in Air Fryer

Totino’s Pizza Rolls in an Air Fryer come out irresistibly crispy, enveloping the zesty, gooey filling with a golden crust. No fuss, quick to make, and perfect for a snack or party appetizer.

Why You’ll Choose Totino’s Pizza Rolls in Air Fryer

Ever since I discovered the air fryer method for Totino’s Pizza Rolls, it’s been my go-to. Here’s why you might love it too:

  • The cooking time is super quick. You get to enjoy your snack in just a few minutes.
  • It’s a healthier choice. We’re using less oil, which means fewer calories.
  • The pizza rolls turn out perfectly crispy. It’s all thanks to the air fryer’s magic of circulating hot air.
  • They’re cooked evenly. No more cold spots in the middle.
  • This snack fits the air fryer like a glove. Its design ensures each roll gets the heat it needs.
Air Fryer Totino's Pizza Rolls

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What You Need to Get Started

Essential Ingredients

  • Totino’s Pizza Rolls (however many you’re craving)

Equipment Needed

Air Fryer: The air fryer is key here. It’s not just another kitchen gadget. For Totino’s Pizza Rolls, it works wonders by enveloping them in hot air. This not only cooks them fast but also gives that unbeatable crispiness. It’s the reason why these pizza rolls come out so perfect, making the air fryer an indispensable part of this process.

How to Cook Totino’s Pizza Rolls in Air Fryer

Cooking Totino’s Pizza Rolls in the air fryer is super easy. Here’s how you do it, step by step:

  1. First, there’s no need to thaw. You cook these straight from the freezer. This keeps it simple and quick.
  2. Preheat your air fryer to 380°F. This temperature ensures the rolls come out crispy on the outside, perfectly heated inside.
  3. Next, arrange the pizza rolls in a single layer in the air fryer basket. It’s all about the air flow here. This step makes sure each roll gets evenly crispy. Don’t overcrowd them. If you’ve got a lot, it’s better to do multiple batches.
  4. Now, let them cook for about 6-8 minutes. Halfway through, give them a shake or a quick flip. This helps them brown nicely all over.
  5. After the time’s up, check if they’re golden and crispy. If they need more time, give them a minute or two. But keep an eye on them; we don’t want them too brown.
  6. Seasoning? These rolls are already packed with flavor. But if you like, a sprinkle of Italian herbs after cooking can add a nice touch. Just remember, they’re pretty tasty on their own.
  7. That’s it. Serve them hot. They’re great on their own or with your favorite dipping sauce. Think marinara, ranch, or whatever you love.

Remember, the key to perfect air-fried pizza rolls is not to rush. Let the air fryer preheat properly, arrange the rolls for good air flow, and shake them halfway through. Follow these steps, and you’re in for a treat.

Serving and Pairing Ideas

Totino’s Pizza Rolls from the air fryer can be more than just a snack. They’re versatile enough to pair with a variety of dishes and serving styles. Here are some suggestions:

  • Main/Side Dishes: Serve alongside a fresh Caesar salad or a simple pasta dish to turn these pizza rolls into a fuller meal. The contrast between the crispy rolls and the cool, crisp salad can be delightful.
  • Creative Serving Ideas: Arrange the cooked pizza rolls on a platter with a selection of dips, such as marinara sauce, garlic aioli, or a spicy cheese dip. For a fun twist, skewer them with toothpicks and serve as bite-sized appetizers.
Air Fryer Totino's Pizza Rolls Recipe

How to Reheat Totino’s Pizza Rolls in the Air Fryer

Reheating Totino’s Pizza Rolls in the air fryer revives their crispy texture, making them almost as good as when first cooked. Here’s how:

  • Preheat the air fryer to 350°F. This ensures the rolls heat evenly.
  • Arrange the pizza rolls in the basket, making sure they’re not overlapping.
  • Heat for 3-4 minutes, or until they’re heated through and crispy. No need to thaw if they’re coming from the fridge; just add an extra minute if needed.
  • Serve immediately to enjoy their restored crispiness.

Review Of Totino’s Pizza Rolls Recipe

Totino’s Pizza Rolls from the air fryer are a hit for their ease of preparation and universal appeal. Here’s a quick review:

  • Taste: They have that classic pizza flavor in a bite-sized snack. Cheesy, meaty, with a hint of sauce, it’s comfort food at its best.
  • Texture: The air fryer nails the texture. The outside gets crispy, while the inside stays soft and hot. It’s the contrast that makes them irresistible.
  • Preparation: Couldn’t be simpler. From freezer to air fryer to plate, it’s about as hassle-free as cooking gets.
  • Versatility: While they’re perfect as a snack, they can also be a part of a larger meal. Pair them with a salad or some veggies, and you’ve got a full dinner.
  • Quality: Totino’s Pizza Rolls are a staple for a reason. They deliver consistent taste and quality, batch after batch.
  • Value: Great for feeding a crowd or just snacking on a budget. They’re affordable, delicious, and go a long way in satisfying hunger.

In short, Totino’s Pizza Rolls cooked in the air fryer are a fantastic choice. They’re quick, easy, and versatile, making them a go-to snack for families everywhere. Whether you’re a cooking novice or a seasoned chef, this method will make you fall in love with these rolls all over again.

Totino's Pizza Rolls
Totino’s Pizza Rolls

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Tips for Perfect Air Fryer Totino’s Pizza Rolls

Air fry totinos pizza rolls offers a crispy alternative to traditional frying methods, and also a healthier one. Here are some tips to ensure they come out perfect every time:

  • Make sure your air fryer is preheated. This helps the pizza rolls start cooking immediately, ensuring a crispy exterior.
  • Don’t skip shaking the basket or flipping the rolls halfway through. This ensures even cooking and crispiness on all sides.
  • For extra flavor, consider a light spray of olive oil and a sprinkle of garlic powder or Italian seasoning before cooking.
  • Avoid overcrowding the basket. Air circulation is key to getting that even crisp. Cook in batches if necessary.
  • To prevent sticking, you can lightly spray the air fryer basket with cooking spray, although it’s not usually necessary with non-stick baskets.
  • Time and temperature are crucial. Start with 380°F for 6-8 minutes and adjust based on your air fryer model and how crispy you like your pizza rolls.

FAQs about Air Fry Totinos Pizza Rolls

How long do you cook Totino’s pizza rolls in the air fryer?

Cook Totino’s pizza rolls in the air fryer at 380°F for about 6-8 minutes, checking for crispiness towards the end.

Are pizza rolls better in the air fryer or microwave?

Pizza rolls are better in the air fryer because they turn out crispy on the outside and hot on the inside, unlike the microwave, which can make them soggy.

Do I have to preheat my air fryer for pizza rolls?

Yes, preheating your air fryer to 380°F ensures the pizza rolls cook evenly and become crispy.

How long to cook Totino’s pizza rolls?

Cook Totino’s pizza rolls for 6-8 minutes in an air fryer preheated to 380°F for optimal crispiness.

Final Words

Choosing to cook Totino’s Pizza Rolls in an air fryer brings numerous benefits, from a deliciously crispy texture to a healthier snack option. It’s a simple and quick method that transforms a freezer staple into something special.

Remember, the key is in the details: preheating, not overcrowding, and giving them a shake.

Experiment with different seasonings to find your favorite combination. Enjoy the process and the delightful crunch of perfectly air-fried pizza rolls. It’s a method that might just change the way you snack, offering a tasty and convenient option for any time of day.

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Totino's Pizza Rolls in Air Fryer

Totinos Pizza Rolls in Air Fryer

  • Author: Suborna Tanchangya
  • Total Time: 6-8 minutes
  • Yield: Varies depending on package size and serving choice


When I tried making Totino’s Pizza Rolls in the air fryer for the first time, I was amazed. This simple tweak made a huge difference. The air fryer gives these pizza rolls a crispy texture that’s hard to achieve with other methods. Plus, it’s a healthier option since it uses less oil.


  1. Totino’s Pizza Rolls (however many you’re craving)


Preheat Your Air Fryer: Start by preheating your air fryer to 380°F. This ensures the pizza rolls cook evenly from the get-go.

Prepare the Pizza Rolls: There’s no need to thaw; you can cook them straight from frozen. Make sure they’re not stuck together for even cooking.

Arrange the Pizza Rolls: Place the Totino’s Pizza Rolls in a single layer in the air fryer basket. It’s crucial for air circulation, ensuring each roll gets crispy. Avoid overcrowding; cook in batches if necessary.

Cooking Time: Cook them for about 6-8 minutes. Halfway through, give the basket a gentle shake or use tongs to flip them. This step is vital for that even crispiness we’re after.

Check for Doneness: At around 6 minutes, check one roll. If it’s golden and crispy to your liking, they’re ready. If not, give them another minute or two.

Seasoning (Optional): Typically, Totino’s Pizza Rolls come pre-seasoned, but if you like, you can add a bit of extra flavor. A light sprinkle of garlic powder or Italian seasoning right after cooking can enhance their taste. Remember, a little goes a long way.

Serving: Serve them hot right out of the air fryer. For a fun twist, dip them in marinara sauce, ranch dressing, or your favorite dipping sauce.


  • Selecting the Right Temperature: 380°F is the sweet spot for cooking frozen pizza rolls. It’s hot enough to crisp them up without burning.
  • Cooking Time Importance: The right cooking time ensures the rolls are heated through and crispy. Start checking at 6 minutes to prevent overcooking.
  • Arranging for Air Circulation: Proper placement in the air fryer basket is key. It ensures each pizza roll cooks uniformly, achieving that desirable crispness.
  • Serving Ideas: Get creative with your serving. A sprinkle of Parmesan cheese or a side of spicy mayo can elevate the humble pizza roll to a new level.
  • Prep Time: 0 minutes (no preparation needed for frozen rolls)
  • Cook Time: 6-8 minutes
  • Category: Snack
  • Method: Air Frying
  • Cuisine: American


  • Serving Size: Typically, 6 pizza rolls per serving
  • Calories: 220 calories per serving of 6 rolls
  • Sugar: Less than 1g
  • Sodium: 340mg per serving
  • Fat: 9g per serving
  • Saturated Fat: 2g
  • Unsaturated Fat: Varies
  • Trans Fat: 0g
  • Carbohydrates: 30g per serving
  • Fiber: 1g
  • Protein: 5g per serving
  • Cholesterol: Less than 5mg

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