Tyson Blackened Chicken Strips Air Fryer

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Tyson Blackened Chicken Strips Air Fryer

Tyson Blackened Chicken Strips in the air fryer are bursting with bold flavors, offering a crispy, satisfying meal with ease. They’re about to become your new favorite, impossible to resist at any time of the day.

Originating from the rich flavors of Cajun cuisine, these chicken strips offer a mouth-watering, crispy alternative to traditional frying methods.

Using the air fryer means we’re going for a healthier route without losing out on taste. It’s all about getting that perfect crunch with less oil.

Why You’ll Choose Tyson Blackened Chicken Strips

Choosing to cook Tyson Blackened Chicken Strips in your air fryer is a no-brainer. Here’s why this method is a hit:

  • It’s fast and fuss-free. You’ll have them ready in less than 20 minutes.
  • Less oil means a healthier meal without sacrificing taste.
  • The air fryer guarantees each strip is evenly cooked and beautifully crispy.
  • These chicken strips come out just right – crispy on the outside, tender on the inside.
  • They’re super versatile. Add them to salads, wraps, or enjoy as is for a delicious meal.
Air Fryer Tyson Blackened Chicken Strips

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Tyson Blackened Chicken Strips Air Fryer

Tyson Blackened Chicken Strips Air Fryer

  • Author: Suborna Tanchangya
  • Total Time: 4-5 minutes
  • Yield: Depends on the amount being reheated


Tyson Blackened Chicken Strips cooked in the air fryer come out exceptionally crispy and flavorful, making every bite a delightful experience. They’re effortlessly easy to prepare, quickly becoming your irresistible go-to choice for any meal.


  • 1 pack Tyson Blackened Chicken Strips
  • Optional: Cooking spray for extra crispiness


  • Feel free to use fresh chicken breast slices and your own blend of blackening spices if you prefer homemade.


  1. Preparation: Start by taking the Tyson Blackened Chicken Strips out of the freezer. There’s no need to thaw; they cook perfectly straight from frozen. This simplicity is part of why I love this recipe.
  2. Preheat Your Air Fryer: Set your air fryer to 400°F. Let it warm up for about 3 minutes. A preheated air fryer ensures the chicken strips cook evenly and get that desired crispy texture.
  3. Arrange the Chicken Strips: Place the chicken strips in the air fryer basket. Make sure to spread them out in a single layer. This step is crucial for optimal air flow around each strip, which is key to achieving that even, crispy exterior.
  4. Cooking: Cook the chicken strips for about 10-12 minutes. Halfway through, use tongs to flip them over. This ensures both sides get that perfect crispiness.
  5. Checking for Doneness: Ensure the chicken strips are fully cooked by checking they have reached an internal temperature of 165°F. This step is all about safety and ensuring your meal is perfectly cooked.
  6. Seasoning Options: While these strips come pre-seasoned with a delicious Cajun spice blend, feel free to add your touch before serving. A squeeze of fresh lemon juice or a sprinkle of fresh herbs can brighten the flavors.
  7. Serving: Once cooked, let the chicken strips rest for a couple of minutes. Then, plate them up! They’re great on their own, or you can chop them up for salads, wraps, or tacos.


  • Choosing the Right Foods: With pre-packaged foods like Tyson Blackened Chicken Strips, ensure you’re selecting options that align with your dietary preferences. The quality of the frozen product greatly influences the final outcome.
  • Seasoning: The pre-seasoned nature of these strips makes them convenient, but don’t be afraid to experiment with additional seasonings if you like. Just remember, adding wet marinades before air frying isn’t recommended as it may prevent the strips from crisping up.
  • Temperature and Time: Sticking to the recommended 400°F and monitoring cooking time closely are key for the perfect finish. Adjustments might be needed based on your air fryer model.
  • Arrangement in the Basket: Proper arrangement ensures each piece cooks evenly. Overcrowding can lead to steam, which might prevent the strips from getting crispy.
  • Prep Time: 1 minute
  • Cook Time: 3-4 minutes
  • Category: Main Course
  • Method: Air Frying
  • Cuisine: American


  • Serving Size: 4-6 strips per person
  • Calories: Approximately 150-200 kcal per serving (varies by serving size and additional seasonings)
  • Sugar: Minimal; depends on any added sauces or seasonings
  • Sodium: Moderate; pre-seasoned strips may vary
  • Fat: Lower than fried alternatives; specifics depend on the product
  • Saturated Fat: Minimal; check package for details
  • Trans Fat: 0g
  • Carbohydrates: Minimal; primarily from any added seasonings or sauces
  • Protein: High; exact amount depends on the product
  • Cholesterol: Variable; check package for details

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Equipment Needed

  • Air Fryer: Air fryer is all about giving your food that delightful crunch without drowning it in oil. It’s perfect for these chicken strips, ensuring they’re evenly cooked to crispy perfection.
  • Tongs: Handy for turning the strips halfway through. This ensures they get that even crisp all over, making your meal even more enjoyable.

How to Reheat Tyson Blackened Chicken Strips in the Air Fryer

Reheating Tyson Blackened Chicken Strips in the air fryer revives their crispy texture, making them almost as good as freshly cooked.

  • Preheat the Air Fryer: Set it to 350°F and let it warm up for a couple of minutes. A slightly lower temperature prevents the chicken from drying out or burning.
  • Arrange the Chicken Strips: Spread the chicken strips in a single layer in the air fryer basket for even reheating.
  • Reheat: Cook for about 3-4 minutes. If they were stored in the refrigerator, they might need an extra minute. Flip them halfway through to ensure even warmth.
  • Check the Warmth: Ensure they’re heated through. If not, add another minute, but be cautious to avoid overcooking.
Air Fryer Tyson Blackened Chicken Strips Recipe

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Serving and Pairing Ideas

Tyson Blackened Chicken Strips from the air fryer are versatile and can be enjoyed in various ways:

  • Main Dishes: Slice them up for a high-protein addition to salads or grain bowls. They’re also great in tacos or wraps with fresh veggies and a creamy sauce.
  • Side Dishes: Serve alongside roasted vegetables, a simple quinoa salad, or sweet potato fries for a balanced meal.
  • Pairings: These chicken strips pair beautifully with dipping sauces like ranch, honey mustard, or a spicy aioli to add extra flavor.

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Tips for Perfect Air Fryer Tyson Blackened Chicken Strips

Cooking Tyson Blackened Chicken Strips in the air fryer really brings out their best. You get that crunchy outside without needing a deep fryer. Here’s how to make sure they turn out great:

  • Keep them spaced out in the basket. Air needs to flow around them to crisp them up nicely.
  • Always start with a hot air fryer. It makes sure they start crisping up right away.
  • Halfway through cooking, give them a flip. This way, every bit gets evenly crispy.
  • Feel free to sprinkle on some extra spices or a quick brush of sauce just before they’re done. It adds a nice kick.
  • If they’re not getting crispy, they might be too close together. Or the air fryer might need a higher setting.
  • Stick to 400°F and check them after 10 minutes. Your air fryer might cook a bit differently, so adjust the time if you need to.

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FAQs about Tyson Blackened Chicken Strips

What’s the best temperature to cook Tyson blackened chicken strips in an air fryer?

400°F is the ideal temperature to cook Tyson blackened chicken strips in an air fryer, ensuring they get crispy on the outside while staying juicy inside.

How long should I air fry Tyson blackened chicken strips?

Air fry Tyson blackened chicken strips for 10-12 minutes, flipping them halfway through to ensure even cooking and crispiness.

Can I cook frozen chicken strips in an air fryer without thawing?

Yes, you can cook frozen chicken strips in an air fryer without thawing. They cook evenly and get crispy, making it a convenient and quick option.

How do I prevent the chicken strips from sticking to the air fryer basket?

To prevent sticking, lightly spray the air fryer basket with cooking spray before adding the chicken strips. This helps them to release easily without tearing.

Final Words

Cooking these chicken strips in the air fryer is a smart move. You get all that crunchy goodness without a lot of oil. They’re super easy to make and can be dressed up in so many ways.

Just remember not to crowd them, flip for even cooking, and play around with flavors. It’s all about finding what you and your family love. So go ahead, give it a try, and see how simple and tasty air frying can be.

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